Restarting the EW database server

Sometimes it's a good idea to restart the Ear Works database server. Since the server is a background process (called "service" in Windows) most of the time it's enough to restart the computer where the server is installed.
If that's not an option then the following method can be used:
  1. Before proceeding it's best if all users have closed their Ear Works program
  2. Open the Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services (or Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services under Windows XP).
  3. in the list of services look for "SQL Server (EARWORKS)" or similar. Note: if you've installed the EW server with a different instance name than the default, then the service name in this list will show that instance name.
  4. Right-click the service name and choose "Restart"
  5. Wait until the restart is done and try opening Ear Works again at any workstation

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