IT: Reinstalling the EW4 Server


When you need to install the EW4 server on a different computer you first need to make sure there's no data loss and no disruption in the clinic's schedule. For this it's best if the procedure is performed outside business hours and that nobody is using EW during that time.

Here are the steps you need to perform:

1. copy the most recent backup file on the computer you're setting up. If you don't have a backup you can create one either from within Ear Works (the Administration menu).

2. download and install the server according to these instructions.

3. if you need to use this computer as a workstation and it has no Ear Works Client installed, you would install the client application as well (follow the same instructions).

4. restore the backup:

a. copy your new backup file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.50.EARWORKS\MSSQL\Backup

b. download the EW backup tool

c. expand the archive in a folder, we recommend it to be called C:\ewbackups

d. run the EW4BackupTool.exe

e. click Connect

f. browse to the backup file

g. enter the ewsa password in the password field (this is the password of the 'ewsa' user in EW)

h. click Restore

5. add the new server as exception to your firewall. The steps depend on your firewall, please make sure you add the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.50.EARWORKS\MSSQL\Bin\sqlsrv.exe to the exceptions. You may need to restart your firewall or your computer for this change to go into effect

6. relink all the EW4 front-ends to the new server. You can do that from the login screen, just click the [...] button next to the server name

7. turn off the old server. This is to avoid any confusion. You can turn it off by stopping and disabling the associated sql server service.

8. You may want to set up a backup schedule on the new server. Please follow these instructions.

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