Administration: Importing Data


Ear Works offers a Data Import tool allowing you to transfer information from another system.

To open the Data Import tool go to the Administration > Import Data menu. You need administrator permissions to do this.


There are 5 main types of information (tables) you can import into Ear Works:

• Patients – general information about the patients.

• Progress Notes

• Appointments

• Hearing Aids - products purchased and used by your patients

• Third Party Coverage – information about the third party coverage(s) for the patients


The last four tables are directly related to the Patients table, we can call them linked tables. You can’t import linked information unless the related Patient is in the Patients table.

You can’t import linked information for patients that are already in the database. So make sure you import all information at once.


Each of the five tables have some fields that can only take certain predefined values, called value lists. Some of these lists can be changed:

  • Patients:
    • Patient Statuses
    • Amplification Statuses
    • Physicians
  • Progress Notes:
    • Note Types
  • Appointments:
    • Appointment Types
  • Hearing Aids:
    • Makes
    • Models
    • Third Parties
  • Third Party Coverages
    • Third Parties

Before you can enter your data in the import tables, all the lists have to be set according to your preferences.


To enter the information in the tables you can manually type in or Copy/Paste from a table-like source (spreadsheet or table).

Once you’ve finished adding the data to the tables click the Perform Import button. All the information will be imported and marked accordingly in your lists. Review all the tables to make sure all the data was imported (see the Imported column) and if something went wrong, you can undo your imports from the Undo Import button.


To delete the imported lines use the Clear Imported button. Once you do this, you won’t be able to undo the import on those lines.

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