Administration: Adding Hearing Aids Manually


The hearing aids lists will be sent out regularly but if you're between updates, you can add your own information regarding new products yourself.


Here's how:

  • Go to the Data Lists menu and select Hearing Aids > Hearing Aids List and Manufacturer Prices (to specify the third party codes and prices open the Data Lists > Hearing Aids > Hearing Aids for Third Parties menu).
  • Select a make and a model from the header lists.

If your model is not in the list, click the [+] to the right of the models list. Choose a make and hearing aid type and type in the new model name. Then click "save

& close".


You can edit the information for the existing hearing aids directly in the list.

To add a new hearing aid either:

1. Click the New Instrument button

2. Select an existing instrument in the list and click the Duplicate Instrument button.


Just keep adding the various instruments using these methods until they are all listed in the window.  Then use the close button on the tip right of that window to exit.


To create and allocate options to specific models, you use the same window, go to the second tab (Options for this model) and add the options from the [->] button next to Selected Options. If the options you’re looking for are not in the list then click the [+] button next to the Available Options list and add them to the list.


Once you have the desired options allocated to the current model (in the Hearing Aids list), make sure the availability is set up properly for each hearing aid version

(showing up per column this time). Choose O for Optional, S for Standard or – for Not Available. If you mark it as Optional, it will show up on the Options List when you order hearing aids.


Follow the same procedure to allocate accessories for each model (on the Accessories for this model tab). Please note that you can only allocate accessories from the same manufacturer. You can’t specify cross-manufacturer compatibility.

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