IT: Application Architecture


Ear Works 4 is a client-server application so it has two components:

1. the Server stores the manages the data for the entire company and needs to be installed on one machine only. In a multi-office architecture, all the information for all the offices will be stored in the same database managed by the Server. The Server is a SQL Server 2008 DB Engine (by default the Express edition).


2. the Client is the interface between the Data and the User and needs to be installed on each computer in your clinic.

It is the application that the user interacts with, providing and requesting information in various formats. In layman's terms, the Client is the only thing you see and use while the Server is the back-end data manager.

The Client Application is based on the Microsoft Access 2007 rapid development environment. The Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime is installed automatically so no extra licenses are needed.

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