Adding additional user licenses to your EW


Each Ear Works license has a limited number of users that can use the system in the same time. To purchase additional user licenses please contact us at


Once purchased, your user licenses need to be activated in your system. In order to change the number of users you'll need to reactivate your license. It's best if you do this at the end of the day.


To perform a re-activation log in as "ewsa" and open the Administration>Offices menu. In the Offices window select the office from the list and click the Clear Activation button.  That office will run in trial version until the new activation is complete. 

After you clear the activation, click the Activate button (with the same office selected in the list) and the Activation window will be displayed. 


Here you can change the number of users. For example if you had 2 user licenses and you purchased 3 more, you'd enter 5 in the users field.

Then request a new activation code by clicking the appropriate button.


Once you receive the new activation code simply enter it in the Activation Code field and click the Activate Now button just like you did in the original activation.

You should receive a message that the office was successfully activated.

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