Automatic Backup using Windows Scheduler


ewbackupsthumb-1.pngIf Ear Works 4 fails when doing automatic backups you can use Windows Scheduler to accomplish the same thing.

This method is more reliable since it uses tools embedded in the Windows operating system.


Here's what you need to do on the server computer:

  1. Create a folder for your backups on your computer. The best is to use C:\ewbackups but you can use any other location.
  2. Download the EW4 Backup Toolkit 
  3. Save it on your local drive and open the archive
  4. Copy the content of the archive in your backup location (C:\ewbackups
  5. Create a Windows recurrent task
    1. open the Task Scheduler
          - Windows XP: Start>Programs>System Tools>Scheduled Tasks
          - Windows Vista/Windows 7: Start>All Programs>System Tools>Task Scheduler
          - Windows 8: Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler
          - Windows 10: Control Panel > Search > Schedule Tasks
    2. create a new task by either 
      1. importing the EW_Backup_Task.xml file you've downloaded. Then set the new task to "Run whether user is logged in or not" and you can change all the other settings as needed.
      2. creating the task manually (see instructions below)
    3. Save the task - you'll be asked for administrative credentials
    4. Run the task right away and make sure it's working as expected.
You're done! Please check every day to make sure the backup is created properly.
We also recommend taking the backups offsite. A good alternative to that is to save the backups in a Dropbox folder or similar.
Post a comment below if you have any questions.

   Optional Instructions: Creating the backup task manually


         I. create a new taskgive it a name (like "EW4 Backup")

         II. set the task to run whether the user is logged in or not and to run with highest privileges.

         III. create the action

                 - action typestart a program

                 - program path is the path of the backup tool 

                               example: "C:\Program Files\Ear Works 4\EW4_BackupTool.exe")

                 - arguments (separated by space): {SQL Server Instance Name} {Folder for Backups} 

                               example: EW4 D:\EW4BACKUPS\

                              please make sure you include the trailing backspace ( \ ) when you specify the backup folder

           IV. set the schedule

                  - specify under Triggers how often you want the backup to be created: usually weekly Mo-Fri



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  • Avatar
    Martin Jurek

    I am running windows XP.  I set up the scheduled task and it runs, but once it starts the EW4_BackupTool.exe then it wants input

  • Avatar
    Florin Voinescu

    Martin, you probably didn't put in the arguments. You need to add after the path to the ew4_backuptool.exe the following:

    {instance_name} {backup_path}

    So your action needs  to look something like

    c:\ewbackups\ew4_backuptool.exe EARWORKS c:\ewbackups\

    If you still have problems please past in a comment here your action path.