getting remote assistance


Sometimes we need to see what you see in order to figure out why something is not working for you.

There are a few ways you can invite us to your computer.

Immediate One-Time Intervention

1. is probably the fastest way to share your computer in real time. Just go to the website, click the share button, install the software and send us the link. Once we're connected we'll ask for control of your computer.

2. if you have LogMeIn installed on your machine just invite us directly from the LogMeIn console.

3. the other option is for us to initiate an online meeting using GoToMeeting. we'll send you instructions on how to access that.


Unassisted or Permanent Technical Access

If we need to have access to your computer when you're not around then we need to set that up ahead of time.

Option A. If you have LogMeIn already installed on your computer you can

a. give us the credentials to your logmein account and your computers

b. invite us temporarily to access your computer


Option B. If you have Remote Desktop set up on your machine just send us the credentials and we'll take it from there. RD is a bit more difficult to set up than LogMeIn, please consult with your IT professional if you don't know how to do that yourself.


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