Microsoft Update fixes


As you probably know, on August 15, 2012 a particular Windows Update made a change in the Windows XP, Vista and Server 2008 system files that was getting Ear Works to crash at load.
On the following morning we've released an EW4 update that implemented a workaround for this issue.

To make things more interesting, we've learned that installing this latest update on a computer that did not exhibit the original symptoms (in other words trying to fix what was not broken), was in fact generating a similar problem.
This seems to be related to the fact that this particular Windows Update (KB 2597986/2687323) that replaces a system file (mscomctl.ocx - a core component in the EW front-end) doesn't seem to have been deployed for all Windows versions.
This splits the computers in two main categories:
- computers that can run EW 4.2.29 and previous without any problem. these computers can't run the current EW
- computers that can not run EW4 in any version except the latest EW4.2.29.02 released last Thursday (aug 16).

What do you have to do?
1. If EW is working without any problem whatsoever then there's nothing you have to do for those machines.
2. If you've updated some of the computers in your clinic and on the others you get the warning "The client version is older than the server version" this means that you have to update your EW to version 4.2.29 (not the on these machines. You can download that version from
3. If, when you start EW, you are getting the dreaded set of errors stating "Object or class does not support the set of events." and you can't even see the login screen then do this:
   3.1 download and run On the EW Update screen you will see a list of files with check-boxes next to them. If the Client Version reported for those files is already then apply 3.2 below. Otherwise run the update and try to start EW again. If the same error comes up then apply 3.2 below.
   3.2 download and run This update will also allow you to downgrade to 4.2.29 if you have installed. If the front-end(s) are unchecked then check the boxes before running the update. You might be asked if you are sure you want to downgrade, click 'Yes'.

We are working right now on consolidating the fix and make it seamless for you: one update and one latest version that works independent of the windows controls.
We'll let you know when this has been accomplished.

Thank you for working with us to find a fast solution for everybody.

Florin Voinescu
Product Manager
Ear Works 4

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